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At Jacobs, we make the world smarter, more connected and more sustainable.

Together, we’re pushing the limits of what’s possible. We stay ahead to create the new standards our future needs.

Our markets

Our accelerators

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    Climate Response

    Climate change is our generation’s greatest challenge and opportunity. Our climate response accelerator is a whole of Jacobs approach, 专注于与客户在能源转型领域共同创造的端到端解决方案, decarbonization, adaptation & resilience and natural resource stewardship.

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    Data Solutions

    我们的数据解决方案加速器认识到数据与安全之间的内在联系. 我们认为,雅各布斯的一个明显区别在于,我们通过将两者结合起来创造价值,并在这些领域巩固我们的思维.

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    Consulting & Advisory

    我们正在建立一个重要和独特的高价值咨询和咨询业务, combining Jacobs’ and PA’s significant customer intimacy and domain expertise, 新的和扩展的功能-通过全球交付平台,确保卓越的客户解决方案.

Our capabilities

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    Major Programs

    At Jacobs, we focus on delivering some of the most intricate, demanding, and renowned buildings, infrastructure, and transformative projects of today. Our collaborative approach with clients spans across various industries, aiming to achieve enhanced societal, environmental and economic benefits.

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    Operations and Facility Management

    We offer a full suite of custom-tailored operations, 供水和污水处理设施的维修和设施管理服务, public agencies and private industry.

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    Strategic Consulting

    A group of thinkers, innovators, problem solvers and visionaries, 提供定制的战略解决方案,利用深厚的战略知识领域, business organization and assets.

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    From proven preconstruction and estimating, 并完成风险施工交付专业人员的文件和质量控制, commercial/project controls and startup, commissioning and operations experts, we provide proven design resources, design and construction quality, cost and schedule from a single point of responsibility. 

  • Western Branch Tunnel During Inspection

    Tunnel & Ground Engineering

    从隧道和岩土工程和地球科学到非开挖工程和消防和生命安全工程, 我们为许多客户最具挑战性的项目提供关键支持, across markets and regions globally.

  • Creative abstract GPS satellite navigation, travel, 旅游定位路线规划业务理念:微缩彩色城市地图的宏观视图3D渲染插画,具有选择性聚焦效果的3D建筑

    Inclusive Design

    Our approach to inclusive design combines technical, 工程和社会的理解,创造欢迎的空间,无缝地为每个人工作. 

  • Aerial view of people on grass and pavement

    Social Value & Equity Solutions

    Social value and social equity are a core part of who we are at Jacobs. They are foundational in our approach to sustainability, inclusion and diversity and key services delivered to clients globally. To us, 社会价值和公平共同推动积极的社会影响和变革性的结果, 环境和经济-通过将人和社会放在决策的核心.

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